Wet Wipe Chalk Markers


What type of surfaces can you use SillySticks on?

SillySticks can be used on any non-porous surface. However, we always recommend that you test on an area first. What is a non-porous surface? It is a surface that does not allow a substance to soak into it. Some examples of a non-porous surface are glass, plastic, whiteboards, LED boards, metal, mirrors, and chalkboards**. 

**HOWEVER, not all chalkboards are created equal! Slate-based chalkboards are non-porous, however, chalkboard paint painted onto a porous material like wood or drywall IS porous. When you use the chalk markers on a porous surface and you try to erase them, it can either: 1) not erase completely, or 2) erase, but leave a “shadowing” behind, which can still be seen. Sometimes, you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (but test the area first!) to remove the shadowing, however, that doesn’t always work, depending on what type of surface you used them on.

How do you remove SillySticks from surfaces?

SillySticks can be removed from any non-porous surface (see above posting) with just a wet towel! However, you can also use any ammonia-based cleaner (like Windex) to remove it as well. For areas that will not clean easy, you can always try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (but test the area first!)

Can I use SillySticks on Chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is best used with chalk. Although SillySticks can be used on chalkboard paint, it will leave a “shadowing” if removed. Therefore, it is best used on chalkboard paint if the project is meant to be permanent. 

How do you get the marker working?

When using for the first time, you need to prime each marker. With the cap on, shake the marker to mix the liquid inside. Then take the cap off, put the tip onto a paper towel, and pump the tip several times until the ink reaches the tip. With first uses, you may need to reapply the cap and shake the marker, to get a move even flow of the liquid.

What is the difference between a chalk marker and a paint pen?

Chalk markers are similar to paint pens in the concept of use--they are both “marker type” pens that can be used to write on things. However, paint pens are permanent. Chalk markers are easily removed with water from any non-porous surface. They are also non-toxic, only made of water, pigment, and resin.

Where can I buy SillySticks?

SillySticks are sold exclusively on Amazon.com. You can buy them by going to